Generally defined, an oilfield service company is “all of the products and services that help with oil and gas exploration and production.” This includes companies that help with discovering pockets of oil, energy data management, drilling companies, well construction companies, production services, completion services, and much more.

Oilfield service companies came into existence during the late 1990s thanks in large part to the major mergers of oil companies. Despite being great for optimizing logistics and assets, it soon became far too expensive to maintain drilling and managing wells. This soon brought about the oilfield service companies that we know of today, which specialize in the many different processes that it takes to bring oil from the ground to the refinery and beyond. Today, these companies are responsible for performing the majority of gas and oil development duties for many of the larger oil companies.

If these types of companies didn’t exist, the oil and gas industry itself wouldn’t be nearly as profitable, timely, and efficient as it is. Due to the overall demand of oil, extracting it is a job that’s 24/7, 365 days per year. Additionally, there are numerous roles that go into this type of job and thousands of people that are involved as well, all in order to bring a single barrel of oil to the market.

All in all, if oilfield service companies were not around today, then the oil and gas industry would end up being far too slow and cumbersome to be able to operate properly.

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