Byrd CRT Services offers both internal and external options in our casing running tool (CRT) service options.  Byrd crews are cross trained and skilled at executing the preferred tool of our customers. Byrd’s service companies cover a vast market area with locations throughout Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Allow us to show you that our dedication to safety, service and competitive market pricing cannot be beat and contact us at (325) 690-0053. 

Volant’s CRTi® casing running tools are fully mechanical and designed for casing running or drilling on top drive equipped rigs to makeup, breakout, reciprocate, rotate, fill, circulate and cement casing and liner string. From rig up to rig down and every step along the way, the CRTi reduces non-productive time and elevates your bottom line. Its patented architecture allows control to be in the hands of the driller for further improved safety and enhanced efficiency. As the most widely used top drive casing running tool in the world, our technology is proven where the figures add up—in the real world of field operations. 

  • Compact, mechanical design removes multiple people and equipment from the rig floor.
  • Incorporates multiple functions into a single service and single piece of equipment, reducing non-productive time.
  • Mechanical activation by top drive control using TAWG™ torque activated wedge grip technology allows this tool to be operated by the driller. 
  • Ability to rotate and reciprocate casing and liner strings reduces downhole friction.
  • Self-energized in torsion as well as hoisting to prevent slippage in either application.
  • Internal dies are designed to maximize the contact with the inside of the casing ensuring no slippage or distortion of the casing or liner.