When it comes to oilfield drilling, this is considered to be a rather complex process that involves all sorts of equipment in order to ensure the proper amount of safety, extraction, and cleaning. These tools should be handled only by professionals who have received the proper training and have practical experience using them in the field. The types and variety of equipment used can be overwhelming; however, each piece plays a rather important role in helping to reduce accidents, costs, and overall environmental impact.

Below we have outlined three of the most important tools you’ll need for working in an oilfield.


One of the most important oilfield tools is the degasser. Once drilling fluids have been separated from large solids, gas an air that has been trapped inside the liquids will then need to be removed. Degasser is used to remove these gases, which increases safety at oilfields. Generally, there are two types of degassers: atmospheric and vacuum. To determine which degasser you’ll need, talk to a qualified and professional oilfield services provider.

Mud Cleaner

Another important oilfield tool is the mud cleaner. This is a mesh containing tiny holes designed to prevent solids from getting into mud. This is something that occurs after mud is put through a hydrocyclone. The mesh then permits all particles smaller than barite to pass through them. Not only does the mud cleaner assist with drilling, but it also helps reuse other resources for future projects as well.

Shale Shaker

The shale shaker is considered to be another important oilfield tool, as it is perhaps the most important part of the solids control/separation system on a rig. The shale shaker is designed to separate the cuttings from the mud. Separations before cutting disposal helps to reduce drilling costs, as well as overall environmental impact.

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